Mother’s Day: a post for my mother hen

Two blog posts in one day!? Aren’t you lucky?

But this one is special, for a special mum who goes above and beyond for my father and I every damn day given the circumstances.

From practically being a single mum when we lived with my biological father to helping me and helping my navigate my mental health and understanding of it. You’ve been a god send. An angel.

Yes, I have been a total cow to you in the past – even as recently as the last few days. But my anger is only ever vented out to you, never aimed at you. We are so close and I think sometimes you’re the only one who truly understands me. You’re there all for me all the time for you’re bound to see me at my worst so please don’t ever take it personally.

Please don’t kill me for adding photos but I think you are beautiful.

Dad and I could never be able to repay you for what you have done for us – the meals you cook, the mess you tidy up behind us and the laughs you provide. Although we get annoyed at your nagging and …. Urm… irritability at times, it will never out weigh our love and appreciation for you.

Although your clothing choices for me as a kid were questionable you somehow managed to bring me up even when the world was against us. And I know when things go wrong for me like when I cry, get angry or don’t want to leave my room for days you blame yourself. But you are not responsible for the chemical imbalance in my brain. So never again for a second feel like a bad mum. You’re not, you’re an incredible mum.

“Me and my shadow”

I love you, with all my heart. Thank you thank you thank you for all you’ve done.

Happy Mother’s Day



There’s a woman on the yard! 

Unfortunately horses and make up don’t mix.

Wearing make up to the yard just leads to smudges and smears. And by the end of the day my make up is all over the place regardless of the amount of setting spray I use.

I love make up, I love the art of it. For me it’s not about covering up my face, it’s not a mask, trust me I spend enough time at work without it on. It’s about the art, I love sitting there and spending time on me. I love trying out different looks and brands.

Today was my day off, and I went for lunch with my mum and nan. Make up time!

Primer – Lasting finish (Rimmel London)

Eyeshadow primer – Eye shadow base (Nyx)

Concealer – Super stay in the shade light light (Maybelline)

Foundation – Matte but not flat in the shade nude (Nyx)

Powder – Super stay longwear matter powder in the shade ivory (Maybelline)

Contour and highlight – Flawless chisel cheek contour cream kit (Barry M)

Bronzer – Solar powder (soap and glory)

Eye shadow – Smog and baked cowboy (Urban Decay)

Eyeliner – Master ink in matte black (Maybelline)

Mascara – Doll eye, long lash (Nyx)

Lips – Liquid suede in the shade Brooklyn Thorn (Nyx)

Setting spray – Super stay (Maybelline)

Catch ya laters