Why most horse owners HATE spring time

Picture it now – you’re out on a countryside walk with loved ones, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, blossoms, glorious flowers and adorable little lambs skip along around you. Beautiful right? 

Then suddenly you hear the roaring of horse hooves and screams rapidly close in from behind. You turn. There, hurtling towards you is a sweaty horse with its nostrils and eyes wide with a rider barely holding on. 

That’s right, that’s horse is a grassatic. I call it grassatic because it was one thought that mental disposition was caused by the moon – Luna –  hence the term Lunatic. This is the same kinda thing but with horses and the spring grass. 

Not all horses experience this change. But most people will be sitting reading this and nodding. 

Ok, maybe my example at the beginning was a little extreme but I mean it when I say some horses can be like Jeckle and Hyde with the seasons. To the point where I now believe that when we bought my mare we actually acquired two horses – Millie and spring Millie -. 

It may be the lush green grass or it my even be that out four legged friends aren’t as innocent as we first thought and they know that spring has definitely sprung. If you know what I mean. 

Bucking, rearing, bolting and just being damn right rude are all symptoms Millie and some of her friends show this time of year and with show season right under our noses it can be a stressful time. Just two days ago, Millie bolted with me in the area and all I could do to stop her was to turn her on a circle which spiralled smaller and smaller until Millie was cantering on a fifty pence piece. (Incredible, I know and Hell would freeze over before I got her to do that intentionally) 

It can be scary, so please if your a non horsey person try and understand that your partner/sibling/son/daughter/friend may just want you to stay with them while they ride. You don’t have to do anything just sit and watch and you’ll instantly be a human safety blanket. And don’t even think about saying thinks like “well maybe you shouldn’t ride” or “maybe (s)he blames you” when something goes wrong. 

And if you are horsey and going through this, you’re not alone. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s natural. It’s spring, most animals are hungry and horny. And there’s not that long left of spring in the grand scheme of things. Just help each other and tell each other stories of your grassatic experiences. It’s helps to know you’re not alone. 

Catch ya laters



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