Never work with children or animals

Never work with children or animals, they say. Well I work with horses, some that stand 17h high or more that act like children. Toddlers to be precise, toddlers three times the size of me who don’t quite realise the damage they can do. Admittedly, there are some horses who are aware of damage they could do and know how to use it.

When I tell people I work with horses and intend to do so for as long as my body will let me I receive a look. A look of confusion and pitty followered by a sigh and the words “but horses can kill you” and if I’m lucky that’s followed by a story of a friend of a friend of a friends cousins girlfriends grandma who was kicked in the head and died instantly. 

As though I don’t know all this already.

That’s why I wear personal protective gear. 

But people die in cars, at the hands of other people or simply walking across the street. People died from choking, eating to much or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

It’d be looked at funny if I replied with “oh no don’t eat that you just might choke”

Horses are loving (most of the time) and can be total dumbasses, they’re funny and they don’t need to be feared they need to be respected. Respect the power and strength a horses has, don’t fear it. 

What do you think about working with horses? 

Do you have a dangerous job people try and sway you from? 

Catch ya laters,



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