Alright, I’ll admit it I’m hoarder 

Friends and family who have seen my room will know it’s a total bomb site. The only place where you can see the floor is there the door swings open and closed. 

You have to climb over things to get into my bed and my curtains haven’t been drawn in months because it’s just too much hassle to lean over the old unused fish tank….. Actually make that years. 

My room is full of pointless stuff from my childhood; clothes, boxes of bouncy balls and teddy bears… Thousands and thousands of teddy bears. 

I’ve been trying to sort my room out since my teenage years but the thought of being up to my eyeballs in pointless crap is terribly daunting. 

My tomorrow is the day. I’m ready, after all these years, to be ruthless and have a proper bedroom. 

My plan is to spend tomorrow bagging up EVERYTHING in my room. And spending the next couple of weeks sorting through a few bags a night and gradually popping things back in to my empty room as I go. I also might redecorate while my room it’s empty. I’m so excited to have a proper room for the first time in what seems like forever. A place of my own where I can do college work and just chill out. 

Have you got any tips for me when it comes to sorting out tons of stuff? 

Or even any decorating tips? 

Catch ya laterz 



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